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What are the Uses of Chromium Oxide?

Jul. 30, 2021

As a Pigment Powder Manufacturer, share with you.

Chromium oxide is an inorganic substance with the chemical formula Cr2O3. It is a small hexagonal crystal from light green to dark green. It turns brown when hot, and still turns green when cold. The crystals are extremely hard and stable, and there is no change even if hydrogen is injected under red heat. It is soluble in heated potassium bromate solution, slightly soluble in acids and alkalis, and almost insoluble in water, ethanol and acetone. There is also irritation.

Chrome Oxide Green

Chrome Oxide Green


1. Lead chrome green is the main coloring pigment in the paint industry, and most of the green paints are formulated with this pigment. In addition, it is also used in paints and plastics. Its application range is very similar to that of lead chrome yellow. Because the composition contains chrome yellow, pay attention to the toxicity of lead in its application. Lead chrome green contains iron blue and the oxidant lead chromate, so when the dust meets sparks, it may ignite spontaneously, so you should not be careful when it is dried and crushed. After burning, the lead chrome green completely loses the characteristics of a green pigment and turns into a dark brown-yellow substance. In addition, when making nitro paint, the rolling process does not directly use lead chrome green rolling, but the process of pulverizing lead chrome green to prevent burning during rolling.

2. Used in metallurgy, and also used as raw material for ceramics, refractory materials, pigment industry and organic synthesis catalysts.

3. Used as analytical reagent and catalyst.

4. Used as a filler for coloring, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of adhesives and sealants. It can also be used as a colorant for enamel, ceramics, artificial leather, and building materials; a catalyst for organic chemical synthesis; a light-resistant coating and a special ink for printing banknotes.

5. Used as a colorant in cosmetics. It is mainly used in eye cosmetics, but not in oral and lip cosmetics. It is not recommended for facial cosmetics and nail polish.

6. Chromium trioxide is one of the main components of the silver plating layer immersion liquid. The newly prepared chromium trioxide is an important raw material for the preparation of chromium fluoride and chromium bromide.

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