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What the Iron Oxide Red?

Sep. 01, 2021

Iron oxide pigments are one of the most important inorganic pigments and are valued for their ability to maintain stability under temperature fluctuations, low reactivity, low toxicity, and excellent color strength. Among them, oxidized red pigments are the most common pigments, and they have the highest iron content. Because of its pure hue, consistent characteristics and color strength, red oxide is very popular in various fields.

The Characteristics of Iron Oxide Red

Iron Oxide Red

*Fine particle size, strong tinting strength



*Alkali resistance

* Produces very attractive variegated tones

The Applications of Iron Oxide Red

Coating Industry

The coating industry is a major use of iron oxide pigments. Most coating applications require the use of micronized and dispersible grades of pigments to obtain the best coloring effect and maintain the strength of the paint film.

Clay and Ceramic Colouring

Using red iron oxide as the main pigment can produce a wealth of other colors and shades. For example, most clay exhibit a classic terracotta color after firing. This is because in addition to other pigments, 4% to 10% (weight) of iron oxide red is added. Modulation of the red-brown chromophore produced by red iron oxide by adding other metals will produce the possibility of multiple colors.

When used at 65 weight%, iron oxide alongside kaolin and sand will afford a vividly read pigment in porcelain; deep black ceramics can be produced when 10% of the hematite is replaced with powdered magnesite ore. Coral pink can be observed when the same amount of hematite/red iron oxide is replaced with zirconium silicate.


Taking glass bottles as an example, we all know that the darker the color of the bottle, the better the resistance to ultraviolet light, so as to better preserve the contents of the glass in the container. The coloring of iron oxide red provides UV protection and can be used to make glass containers for various liquids, such as beer, wine, medicine, etc.

Cement, Concrete and Blocks

Red iron oxide is also used in various colorful pavers and blocks for creative paving of sidewalks, driveways, terraces, fire pits and masonry projects. We can often see red bricks on the road. These bricks are also inseparable from iron oxide red. Using only one part hematite and three parts grey cement will create a deep red cement colour, and many variations are used in modern walkways, parks, and private and public recreational areas. For concrete applications, 5 to 10% by weight of red iron oxide is used.

Roof Tiles

For durability, red iron oxide pigment roof tiles are a good choice. They are weather resistant, this type of roof can be used for more than 30 years and does not require sealing or resealing.

Some Other Applications

1. Dental composites.

2. Cosmetics and Personal Care Products: It is a highly sought-after cosmetic because it is non-toxic, moisture-proof and does not cause allergic reactions. Used in many products, including lip gloss, lipstick, blush, eye shadow, soap, lotion, cream, powder, soap, face and body mask, and scrub salt.

3. Tattoo ink: Although not the main pigment, the use of iron oxide is considered acceptable, but it may not provide the most durable color.

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